BLOW Disposable Salt Nic Vape Stix 5% Nicotine (18 Flavors)

BLOW Disposable Salt Nic Vape Stix 5% Nicotine (18 Flavors)

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The Disposable Vape Stix, by BLOW, offer 16 amazing flavors in 5% nicotine.  Formulated to taste better than almost every other disposable on the market, these also provide the much desired throat hit.  Like other disposables, no charger is required and you simply inhale to activate.  Each Blow Stick contains 1.2ml of supercharged salt nicotine and has a built in 280mAh battery which is good for approximately 300 hits.  The flavors available are as follows:

Strawberry Mango
A sweet, soft strawberry mix with a refreshing mango twist!

Grape Ice
A dynamic chilled savory grape flavor!

Blueberry Raspberry
An unexpected explosion of the dynamic duo with blueberry and raspberry!

Green Apple
A mind-blowing crispy green apple delight!

Orange Guava Passion Fruit
An overwhelmingly impressive guava passion fruit with an orange zest!

A subtle yet smooth mango muse.

Raspberry Lemon Mint
A delectable blend of lemon mint with raspberry to satisfy your sweet and sour cravings!

Pineapple Ice
An enthralling tropical fruit with an exciting pineapple tang!

Strawberry Watermelon Ice
An icy relish of a mouthwatering combo with watermelon and strawberry.

Fire Bull
An inferno combust of a citrusy hint fit for a bull.

A delicious citrus blend with a chill smooth finish.

A combination of a minty inhale with an icy exhale.

Bursted Cherry
A cherry burst flavor like no other.

Monsta Fuel
Bring out your inna monsta with this powerful citrus fuel!

Strawberry Banana
Refreshing strawberries with a hint of bananas to make the perfect smoothie. 

Frozen Rings
A combination of peach and raspberries with an icy exhale.

Blow Disposable Vape Stix


What's In The Box?

1 x Blow Stix Disposable 5% Vape Bar