Red Dragon by Oh My Gush E-Liquid 120mL

Red Dragon by Oh My Gush E-Liquid 120mL

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Red Dragon by Oh My Gush E-Liquid

A raging red eyed dragon billows the biggest clouds of red berry smoke. That's you buddy. Be the dragon, the red dragon.

Get ready to be hit with the three red fruits of raspberry, cherry and pomegranate infused into little clear hard candies simply by grabbing Red Dragon from the Oh My Gush line. These mouthwatering juices will have your palate soaking in sweetness and tanginess as you begin to feel refreshed.

On the inhale, all three fruits can easily be savored as they soak each taste, allowing your tongue to feel electrified. Once totally absorbed, that sweet hard candy notes take control as you exhale. You won’t be able to stop after the first puff.

And just like a vaping dragon, the clouds coming from your mouth will be huge and flavorful.

Get red. Get angry. Now grab this e-liquid today and let it all out today.