Flum Gio vs Flum Float

If there’s one thing the vape industry is known for, it’s constant innovation. As increasing numbers of individuals embrace vaping, vape brands are responding with disposable vape pens and devices that make vaping easier, more enjoyable, and more appealing than ever before. 

When it comes to disposable vape devices, two products currently paving the way are the Flum Float and its younger sister, the Flum Gio. Flum have channeled their energy into creating one of the best vapes on the market, and these two devices show this, albeit in slightly different ways. 

So how do these two products compare? We’ll make it easy for you to choose by pointing out the main features that distinguish the two, such as look, feel and flavors..

Flum Gio vs Flum Float

Both the Flum Float and Flum Gio share many characteristics. For example, both are draw-activated, available in an impressive array of flavors, roughly the same size, share the same pod capacity (8ml), the same nicotine strength (5%), and the same longevity (a cool 3000 puffs). 

What really distinguishes the two is their exterior appearance. The Gio is lightweight, durable, super compact, and has a soft silicone outer shell that makes it ideal for on-the-go vaping experiences. The Gio also has a more comfortable mouthpiece design than its predecessor, the Float. The Float, on the other hand, has a plastic shell, a less streamlined appearance, and offers an extensive range of flavor options.

Flum Float Review


The Flum Float disposable vape revolutionized the market when it dropped. This extra-large, disposable vape device is bulkier than most to accommodate a generous internal 8ml tank and battery that provides power for around 3000 puffs. The Float uses 5% nic salt e-juice that comes in a diverse array of fun flavors. 

What will likely appeal most, however, is that the vape is ridiculously easy to use.  Everything is contained within one simple device that requires no recharging or refilling. There’s no need to press buttons to power the Float on or off. Since the vape is draw-activated, you can start puffing as soon as you’ve opened the packet–and keep on puffing until the battery power gives out at around 3000 puffs. In other words, it’s an uber-simple alternative to a vape kit you have to set up yourself. 

Look and Feel 

The Float disposable vape has a unique design that looks somewhat like a canister or tube. The rounded exterior fits snugly and comfortably in the hand, despite its oversized appearance. A plastic shell encases the device, with shouty colors themed to match the flavor inside. While the design is fun and definitely colorful, the device is not the most discreet. The mouthpiece is somewhat small in relation to the bulky body of the device.


The Flum Float made its mark on the disposable vape market with its range of zingy flavors. Consumers can choose from smooth and fruity dessert-style classics such as strawberry ice cream and pina polo. There’s also straight-up fruit flavors like strawberry mango, strawberry banana, mixed berries, and aloe grape. Those seeking more of a refreshing menthol hit will likely appreciate cool mint or breeze. When you purchase The Flum Float in a three pack from Vape Central Group, you can select three different flavors to experiment with. 

Pros and Cons 

One of the most noteworthy advantages associated with the Flum Float is its ease of use. For those transitioning from analog cigarettes to salt nic vaping, it could not be easier or faster to get your nicotine hit without all the inflammatory smoke. Other added bonuses include the Float’s long-lasting battery, fun, sturdy design, and its wide range of fun flavors.

However, as the old saying goes, nothing is perfect, and consumers have noted some cons to this remarkable disposable device. Flavor profiles can sometimes be inconsistent, and the promised 3000 puffs doesn’t always deliver right to the very end. As the Flum Float starts to run out of battery, vapor production can decrease and the flavor profile can also wane. This isn’t unique to the Float, however–it’s a common drawback of pretty much all disposable devices that rely on pre-filled tanks and draw-activated batteries. Essentially, the closer you get to the 3,000 puff mark, expect the device’s performance to decline somewhat.


Are Flum Float disposable vapes safe?

Flum Float is safe. The e-liquid pod and battery is self-contained within the device so there’s no risk associated with recharging or refilling. What’s more, the device produces vapor, not smoke, so it’s safer for your lungs than inhaling traditional nicotine cigarettes. That being said, battery-powered devices like the Flum Float shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight, submerged in water, or opened up. 

Which flavor is best?

Flavor all boils down to personal preference. What’s great about the Float is that the range of flavors caters to a range of tastes–whether you’re a fan of fruit, dessert, icy menthol or energy drinks. According to this reddit forum, cool mint, red bang, and mixed berries are all popular options among Flume fans. 

How do you use a Flum Float vape? 

The Flum Float is extremely easy to use. Simply remove the device from the packet, take a puff, and enjoy. The device is draw-activated so there’s zero need for messing around with buttons or charging. Since it’s disposable, there’s no need for refilling either–just puff and go!

Is there any cannabis in the Flum range?

No, Flum products like the Flum Gio use 5% salt nic, so are free of cannabis products like Delta-8 THC that can be intoxicating in high doses.

Flum Gio Review 

Given the popularity of the Flum Float, some might say it was inevitable that the team at Flum Vapor would come up with another iteration of the popular disposable vaping device. The Flum Gio disposable vape followed hot on the heels of the Float, but boasts some subtle changes. These changes include a soft silicone shell with ridges for easy grip, a more comfortable mouthpiece, and a range of fun new flavors. When it comes to functionality, the Gio is also compact and super convenient to use. It’s draw-activated, has no buttons, and offers the user around 3000 puffs delivered by an 8ml e-juice tank. Use it until the battery runs low or juice runs out, then simply replace with another.

Look and Feel 

Aesthetics and tactile experience are where the Gio really stands apart from the Float. The exterior design of the device appears more streamlined and subtle with one single uniform colorway (dictated by flavor). 

Colors are available in a range of bold tones (think bright pink for litchi ice flavor), or more muted shades such as the earthy brown for coffee pump. Ridges on the vape device make it super easy to grab and use on-the-go. A silicone shell provides a higher-end look than the plastic shell of the Float.


Flum is known for its expertise in creating fun, rich, appealing flavors using 5% salt nicotine vape juice, and they certainly deliver for the Gio range. Fruit fiends can choose from litchi ice, tropical punch, juicy apple, strawberry POM and berry fusion, while those looking for a caffeinated flavor hit can select power bull or coffee pump. There’s also quirkier options in the mix, such as tobacco cream and peach ice tea for the more adventurous.

Pros and Cons 

In general, Flum Gio vapers are raving about the rich, satisfying flavors, smooth nicotine hit, and improved mouthpiece which is more comfortable to use than that of the Flum Float. Add all that to the striking, lightweight appearance of the Gio, and you have a winning combination.

However, if there are any cons associated with the Gio model, it’s that its functionality is not significantly different from its predecessor. The Gio model ’s still draw-activated, still button-free, still delivers about 3,000 puffs, and still has the same internal tank size of 8mls. In other words, while the Gio undeniably delivers on looks, feel and flavor, not much has changed with respect to longevity.


Which Flum Gio flavors are most popular?

In particular, users are raving about coffee pump and power bull. General feedback says, however, that the flavors are rich and appealing, with no weird aftertaste.

Do you use the Flum Gio differently to the Flum Float?

Both devices operate in exactly the same way. Simply activate your Flum Gio disposable vape by inhaling through the mouthpiece when you’re ready. There’s no need to push buttons, recharge the device, or refill or replace the vape cartridge with salt nicotine juice as the device comes prefilled and precharged. 

Are there other forms of Flum disposable vape in addition to the Flum Gio?

Flum offers another variation in addition to the Gio and Float. There’s also the Flum Wafer, which offers only 1600 puffs in a limited number of flavors, and the Flum Neno, a collaboration with Neno Vapor.


Both the Flum Float and the Flum Gio are popular, highly functional, easy-to-use disposable vape devices. Both devices offer around 3000 puffs delivered by an 8ml vape juice tank filled with 5% salt nicotine in the flavor of your choice. Both disposable devices are draw-activated and ridiculously simple to use–simply inhale when you feel like a hit.

However, where these two devices truly differ is in the range of flavors each offers and the external appearance of each. The Gio has a sleek, silicone exterior, while the Float has a plastic shell and is somewhat less discrete. While the Float has a wider range of fruity, menthol-y flavors, the Gio leans towards tropical tangs and caffeinated options.