All Wraps are carefully designed and printed on high quality outdoor Vinyl, then laminated with premium cast material before being cut to order.

We hope you will not only enjoy your new wrap but that you will love the way it brings a piece of your own style and uniqueness to your device! 


- CLEAN the surface of your device with rubbing alcohol (any type will work just fine), and then set your device aside and allow time to dry naturally. 

- REMOVE any cut out pieces (with tweezers is easiest) for charging ports, and LED lights to shine through.

- HEAT up bending points lightly with a hair dryer while applying. This will make the wrap set perfectly onto your device and the vinyl to adhere flawlessly. 

- WHILE applying, smooth out from one end of the device to the other to avoid any air bubbles. 

* do not apply wrap in extra hot or cold temp.

If you have any difficulties or issues when applying your new wrap, please do not hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on the happiness of our customers and will do our absolute best to remedy the problem! 

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