Vape Maintenance 101: How to Extend the Life of Your Device

Vaping has gained immense popularity in the past few years because of the convenience, probability, and customization it provides to vapers. Also, with traditional cigarette smokers switching over to vaping for their nicotine fix, vaping has become a popular alternative. However, upon regular use, burnt flavor, shrinking battery life, and clogged tanks are some common issues vapers have experienced. If you want to increase the lifespan of your vapes, vape maintenance is a must. 

Whether you've been vaping for years or are about to purchase your first vape, knowing how to care for your device will make it last longer. Our vape maintenance 101 guide will discuss everything from cleaning and maintaining your vape for optimal performance and longevity. 

How to Make a Vape Last Longer?

A reusable vape device is expected to last up to a year, but your e-companion can last you much longer under proper maintenance. There is no such thing as long-lasting vapes- it's the care that you handle your vapes, which makes them longer. So, let's break down the way in which you can prolong the life of your vape. 

Refer to the Manual

Don't we all have a habit of unboxing our vape and chucking out the manual without even glancing at it? Guilty as charged! But if you preserve the integrity of your vape pen, start by going through the manual. The manual itself is filled with instructions on how to clean your particular vape the right way. In addition to the cleaning instructions, it'll specify the cleaning materials and tools you can use for an effective cleaning. 

Disassemble the Vape

Proper cleaning of your vape starts by disassembling your vape machine. Since the machines are screwed part by part, carefully unscrew the tank, coil and the mouthpiece. Reading the manual will be most helpful for you when disassembling it, or you can also refer to Google for your particular model on how it's done. 

Cleaning the Tank

The tank section of your vape device is the most important part because it is where you place your e-liquid. To clean the tan properly, completely clear out any remaining e-liquid. Then, proceed with lukewarm water and whipping it with alcohol-an-based cleaning solution. 

Cleaning the Coil

Coil is yet another crucial part of your vaping device. The coil is where your e-liquid gets the heat to produce vapor. Over regular use, the coil is susceptible to getting burnt or dirt build-up, which impacts your vape's taste. To clean the coil, run it through warm water and whip it with an alcohol solution. You can also find coil-cleaning solutions in the market dedicated to cleaning your coil to perfection 

Cleaning the Battery

Your vape battery gives your vape machine the power to operate and produce awesome smoke clouds. Caring for your battery ensures optimal performance and a long-lasting battery life. Regularly wipe your battery with a completely dry cloth and wipe any dirt or debris. Additionally, always use the designed charger for the specific model of your vape to charge it and avoid overcharging. Also, storing it in a cool and dry place will save your battery from getting damaged by moisture and extreme heat.

Assemble Your Vape

After disassembling and cleaning your vape, you can then reassemble it. Before assembling it, the number one thing is you must ensure all parts are dry. Now, start to assemble it in the right order and screw all the parts tightly. Pay careful attention when attaching it so that there are no leaks or loose connections. 

How to Make Disposable Vape Last Longer?

Disposable Vape is also a huge hit among first-time vapers and for people on the go. Although disposable vape has come with a limited lifespan in terms of puff counts, you can take precautionary steps to enjoy the high-quality vapor. 

  • Prevent your disposable vape from overheating by inhaling short and moderated draws
  • Storing your vape in a cool and dry place and preventing it from moisture and extreme heat preserves the condition of your e-liquid
  • Vapes come with a cap that protects the mouthpiece from collecting dirt. Make a habit of closing your vape when you're not using it. 



Whether you know a reusable or disposable vape, proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary for your device to experience a flavourful and satisfying vaping session. Following our vape maintenance 101 tips regularly, you can keep your vaping device in top-notch condition and prolong its lifespan. If you're looking to purchase a new vape or try out a different flavor, visit Vape Central Group today and get bombarded by a vast range of options for the best vaping experience.