Vape Travel Tips: Navigating Airport Security and International Laws

With the upcoming holiday season and school break, the travel season is upon us. Whether you’re traveling domestically for a solo weekend getaway or a long trip to an exotic foreign location with your friends and family, traveling by air is always convenient and fun yet requires meticulous planning. From packing to ensuring you have the mandate documents, you must get your stuff in order. 

Now, if you’re a vaper, it is a must-have aboard while traveling. But the rule for traveling with a pack of cigarettes and a vape is quite different as it is packed with lithium-ion batteries and liquid- both things are considered hazardous in airplanes. You might be wondering if you can take a vape on the flight. Vaping in the comforts of your home to carry a vape in for your air travel involves rules and regulations you must be aware of. So, to make your next trip smooth, Vape Central Group will arm you with information about vape travel trips so that you can seamlessly navigate the security airport with your vape gear.

Tips For Flying With Vape

Whether you’re a vaping enthusiast with vaping an integral part of your daily routine or someone who recently switched from traditional cigarettes to vaping, our tips for taking vapes on the plane will make your life easier when traveling with your vape gear. With that said, let’s look at the tips for flying with vape. 

Awareness of Airport Regulations

Before you pack your vape in your luggage, it’s best to go through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules, airport regulations, and the airlines you’re traveling with regulations on traveling with vape gear and e-liquids. Airports might have different rules for carrying vape gear in the carry-on or check luggage. Also, the laws and regulations regarding vaping differ from state to state and country to country. So, it’s best to do the due diligence from your end to know about your departure and destination airport to avoid running into any issues with airport security or possible risk of confiscation.

Packing Vape

When packing your vape in your luggage, it is best to dismantle the device to prevent accidents while on air. Disassembling the removable parts, such as the battery, atomizer, and tank, and packing them separately will ensure there is no friction between the parts. Doing so will not only prolong the life of your vape but also protect it from mishaps while in the air. 

Carry On or Checked Luggage

The policy by the majority of airlines is to carry your vape and vape gear in your carry-on luggage, but you must check with your specific airlines for their guidelines about the luggage scenarios. The TSA permits traveling with vapes and e-cigarettes if you carry them in your hand luggage and not in the checked luggage because of safety concerns about carrying lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of placing your vape on carry-on luggage is that it makes it convenient for you to keep an eye on the device and prevent any possible fire hazards. 

E-liquid Policy

Similar to carrying liquid items on a flight, you must adhere to the airline’s liquid restrictions for your flavored e-liquid. You can carry a total of 100 ml of liquid of any kind, including your e-liquid, in your carry-on bag. You must place the liquid in a transparent and resealable plastic bag. The content inside the bag must fit properly so that it can be resealed easily. 

Researching the Destination

It is best to research and familiarize yourself with the laws on vaping in the destination you’re traveling to. In the USA, the vaping law for consumers is similar to smoking regulations- meaning, you can vape in places where you’re allowed to smoke, and you can purchase vape products from vape shops or places that sell tobacco. However, it might not be the same for other countries. 

Different nations have their own set of rules and regulations related to vaping. 

Some countries banned the use of -cigarettes, and some with strict regulations require you to display licenses or certifications for retailers. Thus, you need to be aware of the vaping scene in the destination you are traveling to beforehand so that you abide by their laws. 


You can enjoy your vaping habit when traveling by air and experience seamless travel if you’re aware of the right way to travel with it. Knowing the airport regulations, how to pack your vape gear in the correct order, and being compliant with the destination you’re traveling to will guarantee you a hassle-free journey as a vaper. We’re sure that with these valuable tips, you can travel to your next destination stress-free.