Where to Buy Cali UL8000 Nicotine Free Vape Pens

Cali UL8000 disposable vapes from Cali Pods is a bestseller for online e-cigarette stores. Consumers are seeking nicotine free vapes for that familiar e-cig experience, but without the addictive chemicals. In February 2024, Cali Pods released the zero nicotine Cali UL8000 electronic cigarette to support vape-users who are looking for non-addictive vapor delivery systems. 

Where to Buy Cali UL8000 0% Nicotine Disposables

Nic Free Vape Pens is a website that provides 0mg nicotine e-cig options ONLY. They are one of the few companies offering the non nicotine Cali UL8000. Check out their no nicotine vaporizer business and order this super sought after disposable from Cali Pods today. 

Cali UL8000 No Nicotine Flavors

Enjoy your favorite Cali UL8000 e-liquid flavors without any dependence-causing nicotine. Here is a list of all the 0% nicotine flavors available in Cali Pod’s 8000 puff device.

  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade
  • Frozen Apple Watermelon
  • Frozen Blackberry
  • Frozen Blue Raspberry
  • Frozen Grape
  • Frozen Lush
  • Frozen Peach
  • Frozen Strawberry Raspberry
  • Mighty Mint
  • Peach Watermelon
  • Pineapple Splash
  • Pineapple Strawberry Banana 
  • Strawberry Banana 
  • Strawberry Kiwi

Cali UL8000 Zero Nicotine Specs

Zero percent Cali UL8000 has the same exact specifications as the Cali Pods nicotine version:

  • LED screen displays how much battery & e-Juice is left in the device
  • Each product generates approximately 8000 puffs
  • The device is rechargeable and comes with a USB Type-C cable
  • 18 ml total e-juice capacity
  • Contain ZERO PERCENT nicotine
  • The tip is made of silicone
  • Mesh coil is pre-inserted
  • Comes with a pre-equipped 650mAh battery

Start Vaping Without Nicotine

Discover Cali Pods 0mg and other vape pens without nicotine on Nic Free Vape Pens. They have the Cali UL5000 ZERO in stock. Vape Central Group is dedicated to helping customers reach their 0 nicotine vaping goals.