2x Alien Clapton Coils - By GEEKVAPE
2x Alien Clapton Coils - By GEEKVAPE

2x Alien Clapton Coils - By GEEKVAPE

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Each GeekVape Coil Pack is sold in pairs and features EITHER of the two offerings based on user selection.

The GeekVape Staple Staggered Fused and Alien Clapton Coils are two highly exotic and high performance coil designs that are now available in ready made pairs, allowing users to easily set and use these coils in compatible high performance rebuildable platforms. The Staple Staggered Fused Clapton utilizes five different gauges of Kanthal A1 to present an extra large surface area with an incredibly unique heating pattern measuring approximately 0.2 ohms . The Alien Clapton Coil features Kanthal A1 26 Gauge, 16 Gauge, and 30 Gauge wound in a clapton configuration and measures 0.5 ohms.

Product Details:
Precision Assembled Coils
•Highly Exotic Builds
Alien Clapton Coils
•Kanthal A1
•Wound 26 Gauge + 16 Gauge + 30 Gauge
•Five Wrap
•~0.5 ohms
•1.2mm by 1.75mm Dimensions

Product Includes:
•One Pair of GeekVape Coils
•One Japanese Organic Cotton Pad