5 candy king bottles
batch on ice
berry breeze
berry dweebz
bubblegum blue razz
choco cream
cucumber cooler
hard apple
lemon drops
lemon wafer
mad melon
maui mango
bubblegum melon
bubblegum pink lemonade
strawberry belts on ice
strawberry rolls
strawberry watermelon bubblegum
strawberry watermelon bubblegum on ice
swedish on ice
worms on ice

Candy King E-liquid 100ML - 4.95 - All Flavors - Tropic King, Bubblegum Collection, Cookie King, Milk King, Dripmore

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Candy King Eliquid 100ml

All the fan-favorite flavors of the popular Candy King eliquid brand by Dripmore. All in one place!

Flavors (By Collection)

Click any of the options in stock below to check out the flavor of your choice!

Candy King

Candy King Bubblegum Collection

Candy King On Salt

Tropic King

Tropic King On Salt