Lost Mary Quasar OS25000 Disposable Vape Pen Device - 5% - 25000 Puffs

Lost Mary Quasar OS25000 Disposable Vape Pen Device - 5% - 25000 Puffs

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Lost Mary Quasar OS2500 25K Disposable Vape - 25000 Puffs 

Lost Mary Quasar 25000 Puffs Disposable Vape is designed for vapers who demand excellence in flavor, technology, and convenience. Whether at home, at work, or on the move, the Quasar is your ideal companion, delivering an unmatched refined vaping experience. Savor the rich flavors and cutting-edge performance of the Lost Mary Quasar is your gateway to the ultimate vaping experience.

Cutting-Edge Design and Technology:

  • World’s First 3D Curved Screen: Enter a new dimension with a visually captivating display that enhances user experience and boosts the device’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Dual Core Processor with VPU Technology: Enjoy seamless performance and rapid responsiveness with the state-of-the-art Vaping Processing Unit (VPU) technology.

Superior Versatility and Performance:

  • Two Vaping Modes: Select Regular Mode for a steady, enduring experience with up to 25,000 puffs, or switch to the other Mode for a vibrant, intense flavor journey with 15,000 puffs.
  • High Nicotine Delivery: Featuring a 5% nicotine strength, the Quasar delivers satisfying hits, ideal for those seeking a robust nicotine experience.
  • Advanced Dual Mesh Coil: Consistent flavor and impressive vapor production are guaranteed throughout the device’s lifespan.
  • Quick Charging Capabilities: Fast charging ensures your device is always ready.


Geek Bar Pulse X Disposable Vape Features

  • 820mAh Type-C rechargeable battery
  • 3D Curved Screen – Battery Level, Vaping Mode, E-Liquid Level
  • Two Vaping Modes, Different Puff Counts
    – Regular Mode – Approximately 25,000 Puffs
    – Pulse Mode – Approximately 15,000 Puffs
  • 5% (50MG) Nicotine
  • 18mL pre-filled tank
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Advanced Display Technology – Starry UI
  • Faster Charging
  • Charges at 1.5A
  • Voltage Range 5-20V
  • Dual Core Heating
  • 15 Flavors

Lost Mary Quasar 25K Vape Flavors:

The Lost Mary Quasar offers a diverse range of 15 expertly crafted flavors, designed to please every palate:

  • Aquarius - Baja Splash
  • Big Banging Berry - Cherry Strazz
  • Blue Straz - Blue Razz Ice
  • Orion Sour Belts - Watermelon Sour Peach
  • Cosmic Cherry Ade - Black Cherry Lemonade
  • Orion Sour Belts - Watermelon Sour Peach
  • Peach Planetberry - Raspberry Peach
  • Saturn Rings - Peach
  • Sirius-ly Sour Watermelon
  • Summer Solstice - Pineapple Orange
  • Super Mint
  • Taurus - Red Bull
  • Virgo Mint - Miami Mint
  • Watermelon Limelight
  • Watermelon Stellar Ice

What's In the Box:

  • 1-Qty Lost Mary Quasar 25K Disposable Vape