Raw Phatty 125mm Rolling Machine

Raw Phatty 125mm Rolling Machine

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Raw Phatty Roller

As a smoker, we have all come through a time where the demand and desire to construct a massive phat cone has entertained our thoughts, as a smoker we also know how complex and delicate it is to roll a phat cone. RAW has met the demand of the people and released this mighty 125mm RAW Phatty Roller. This RAW Phatty 125mm roller is the perfect machine to roll papers or hemp wraps larger than King Size. The 125mm acrylic roller comes with instructions for use so your next smoke session will be the best yet! Roll heavy smokeable phat cones for your friends or party with minimal effort and maximum comfort!

Completely Transparent

This unique roller is composed of crystal clear triple strength polystyrene, this makes it fully see-through. The see-through roller is a useful feature in that it allows you to ensure that your tip is perfectly seated, Packing paper or blunt wraps has never been so easy with this RAW smoke buddy Phatty Rolling Machine. You will be able to see all the action behind the scenes, how cool!


  1. Open the roller by lifting the rolling pun up and towards you.
  2. Spread the material or herb evenly between the rolling pins.
  3. Close the roller by pushing rolling pins together, give the front rolling pin one turn toward you.
  4. Insert your rolling paper between the rolling pins with the gummed side up and facing you
  5. Roll the front rolling pin towards you again, leaving the gummed edge sticking up by 1/2 inch.
  6. Lightly moisten the gummed edge of the rolling paper. (Use your tongue or a friends tongue!)
  7. Continue rolling the paper through the roller by rotating both rolling pins towards you
  8. To remove the cigarette, lift the front rolling pin up and towards you