Space Gods Space Rocks - 30mg

Space Gods Space Rocks - 30mg

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 What is Space Rocks you might ask....? Remember enjoying the good old pop rocks as a kid, no care in the world. Well we're bring you back that experience and taking it to the next level by adding our premium Space God's hemp. This is a hemp extracted ‘Full Spectrum’ candy provides the full benefits of giving you a 1:1 ratio of 15mg psychoactive Delta 9 with 15mg of non-psychoactive cannabinoids CBD,CBN,CBG to give you the full bodily experience that hemp offers.

      Our forward-thinking and highly competitive pricing structures makes this a no brainer if you are looking for a high margin product that gives your users a nostalgic cannabis effect.

      Experience the cosmic crackle of Space Rocks today. Click below to email us an order form request or to find out more information.

Net Weight: 6 Grams (0.21) OZ Per Bag

This Listing is for 1 BAG, NOT the Whole BOX