Yocan B-Smart

Yocan B-Smart

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The Yocan B-Smart Battery is a compact and portable 510-threaded vaporizer battery, designed to accommodate a wide variety of attachments to suit your style and needs. While its small size may not be its standout feature, the true gem lies in its variable voltage settings. With temperature profiles ranging from 2.0 volts to 4.0 volts, this battery allows you to find your sweet spot with precision, creating a personalized and serene vaping journey.

  •  510 Thread Battery
  • 350mAh Battery Power
  • Approx 1 Hour Charging Time with USB Type C
  • Variable Voltage from 1.8V to 4.2V
  • 15 Seconds Preheat Feature
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Clear OLED Display
  • Portable and  Lightweight
  • Available in Classy Metallic Colors
  • User and Beginner Friendly

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